Red Hot FW Type-P Shaft

Red Hot FW Type-P Shaft

Red Hot FW Type-P Shaft

Aim at the target with a powerful trajectory!

We’ve revolutionized the fairway wood shaft by creating a new FW shaft from scratch. A driver uses a tee and the FW is off the deck. Because of this there is a different swing requiring different shaft characteristics. Conditions on the course also change regularly which requires more versatility. Some say the fairway wood is the most club in the bag with consistent distance, direction hard to produce. TRPX has responded to this by creating an easy to use shaft for big distance and great direction dubbed the Red Hot for its intensity.

The Type-P features emphasize distance and power. Designed to transmit full power to the ball at impact, the shaft provides stability and a natural down blow which produces a powerful mid trajectory ball for more control and direction.

For the slightly stronger and more aggressive player who wants to increase his “meet” percentage with the ball for better accuracy and better scoring chances.


Flex Weight Length Tip Dia Butt Dia CPM
Red Hot FW Type-P flex_x 66g 1118mm 8.5mm 15.4mm 250
flex_xx 67g 15.4mm 260
flex_xxx 67g 15.4mm 270
flex_xxxx 68g 15.4mm 280
flex_xxxxx 69g 15.4mm 290
CPM is based on a 43" finished length with a D2 swing weight. Measurements are based on a 7" clamp. Please note these numbers may vary depending on measurement method and machinery used.


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