Air Driver Shaft

Air Driver Shaft

TRPX Air Driver Shaft

TRPX newly developed shaft featuring Lightening Boost Technology. Powerful flex which loads up maximum energy followed by full acceleration through the impact zone. HPI Technology allows a full release of the head with minimal energy loss for a powerful square impact for big distance. Designed to excel at long lengths even up to 47″.

Lightening boost technology allows golfers to maximise the flex and bend of a shaft to properly load it. This allows a wider variety of golfers including slower swingers and seniors to be able to accelerate the head to their maximum potential. Even at longer lengths, the head is able to return square to the ball on a consistent basis. LB technology helps the shaft return to its original form in a split second so no matter how much lag is put on the shaft, the timing to impact is still achieved.

Swing through the Air with ease… let the ball fly!



Flex Weight Length Tip Dia Butt Dia CPM
AIR RR 55g 1194mm 8.5mm 15.0mm 230
R 56g 240
SR 57g 250
S 58g 260
SX 59g 270
X 60g 280
CPM is based on a 45.5" finished length with a D2 swing weight. Measurements are based on a 7" clamp. Please note these numbers may vary depending on measurement method and machinery used.


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