Utility Shaft

Utility Shaft

TRPX Utility Shaft

TRPX is proud to introduce it’s all new UT line of shafts for the 2015 season. The UT series is designed specifically with utility clubs in mind and as an easy distance performer which also stresses stability and direction.

By thoroughly anlayzing different player levels, TRPX developed a progressive “performance  flow” design featuring 4 different weights. The lighter models focus on distance and and an easy launch helping the slower swinger create better impact for more carry and better direction.

The heavier weights focus on stability and control allowing the player to swing away without worrying about timing or losing the ball left or right.  A powerful launch with optimal spin for getting that distance or attacking the pin. The TRPX UT series shaft will help you enjoy golf more and improve your game.

TRPX UT Series Promotional Video
Kusakabe Pro and ABEX test and talk about the TRPX UT (in Japanese)



Flex Weight Length Tip Dia Butt Dia CPM
UT-6 flex_x 62g 1041mm 9mm 15.3mm 230
flex_xx 63g 15.3mm 240
UT-7 flex_x 74g 15.3mm 250
flex_xx 77g 15.4mm 270
UT-8 flex_x 83g 15.5mm 260
flex_xx 88g 15.56mm 280
UT-9 flex_x 93g 15.3mm 290
flex_xx 98g 15.4mm 310

*CPM is based on a 40″ finished length with a swing weight of D2
Trimming instructions : 30mm tip section left uncut for 18*, 0.5″ tip cut for 21* and 1.0 cut for 24*


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