Aura Driver Shaft

Aura Driver Shaft

TRPX AURA Driver Shaft

Power and stability. By strengthening the tip side through increased rigidity, energy and feel translates into the butt end for a firm but powerful release at impact. The Aura produces a powerful trajectory with lower spin and suits the average to slightly more aggressive player who wants a fast but stable impact “1t” like impact.

The Aura is smooth, predictable and most of all stable so swing away and bring the best out of your swing!



Flex Weight Length Tip Dia Butt Dia CPM
AURA R 60g 1169mm 8.5mm 15.3mm 240
SR 61g 15.3mm 250
S 62g 15.3mm 260
SX 63g 15.3mm 270
X 64g 15.3mm 280
CPM is based on a 45.5" finished length with a D2 swing weight. Measurements are based on a 7" clamp. Please note these numbers may vary depending on measurement method and machinery used.


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