X-Line Concept Shaft

X-Line Concept Shaft

TRPX X-Line Concept Shaft

The introduction of a new X Legend

From top amateurs to senior golfers

The impact of high modulus carbon introduced 5 years earlier

Now reborn again in a new legend

The first standout flagship series from TRPX, a leader in high elasticity premium carbon shafts, utilizes all its technology in creating a shaft for the faster swinger and harder hitter. Power and energy transfer is maximised and harnessed through high elasticity HPI-Technology based design.

A stable powerful trajectory which avoids pulls and hooks by minimising the twisting of the shaft and side spin. The heavier weight also manages tempo and rhythm. Swing with power and confidence.



Flex Weight Length Tip Dia Butt Dia CPM
X-LINE CONCEPT S 66g 1169mm 8.5mm 15.4mm 270
SX 67g 15.6mm 280
X 68g 15.6mm 290
CPM is based on a 45.5" finished length with a D2 swing weight. Measurements are based on a 7" clamp. Please note these numbers may vary depending on measurement method and machinery used.


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