Ravie Driver Shaft

Ravie Driver Shaft

TRPX Ravie Driver Shaft

Powerful trajectory at the speed of light

RAY = The speed of a ray of light
RAVIE = Calm and peacefulness.

The head accelerates through the swing creating a powerful ray like trajectory at impact! TRPX HPI technology and high modulus carbon materials minimise energy loss at impact in turn increasing the initial ball speeds. With a 50g range, the Ravie is light and easy to swing and creates a square and strong impact. The Raytis series provides maximum flex resulting in an easy to load shaft and superb release fully maximising a player’s swing speed.

HPI Technology prevents the loss of power transferred into the shaft resulting in maximum distance. Ravie’s design targets the slower swinger, or senior player and lady golfer. The mid low kick shaft provides plenty of feedback and is considered a “mighty”all around shaft.



Flex Weight Length Tip Dia Butt Dia CPM
RAYTIS RAVIE RR 49g 1169mm 8.5mm 14.9mm 200
R 49g 210
SR 50g 220
S 51g 230
CPM is based on a 45.5" finished length with a D2 swing weight. Measurements are based on a 7" clamp. Please note these numbers may vary depending on measurement method and machinery used.


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